The RNA in Lockdown 3

By Bob Gelder:

The Royal Naval Association (R.N.A.) membership continues to abide by the rules and consequently is unable to stage its regular monthly meetings.

To those of us who have served on “boats” (i.e., submarines), “lockdown” ashore comes as a relatively new experience.    To the submariner in his isolated environment of a nuclear sub, say, it does at least have the advantage of being able to exercise in the fresh air and shop for the ‘essentials’ (what, more rum?)

With hand on heart, the prospects of staging our annual “Fun Quiz” in April are slightly remote (though the 10 sections of questions are ready).   With any chance of going ahead, then you – the contestants – will be advised asap.
The opportunity to meet, greet & recruit members of the public (and visitors) in August will also depend on circumstances prevailing at the time, within the exit route of Morrisons.
But one positive piece of information to emerge from Central Office in Pompey, is that membership is now FREE at national level.
So the opportunity to join the Branch in Bude is open to all.
In due course, we would warmly welcome you at our next Meeting @ The Falcon Hotel.    When that will be is somewhat on the horizon at present – but do register your intent by emailing:
In the meantime, take care and protected, stay home if possible and wear that mask & wash those paws!

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