The Queen of Bude’s legacy to us all – a personal reflection

Written yesterday by Helen Shingler:

Today I attended the funeral of Margaret Louise Frost or ‘Marg’ as she was known to her closest friends and family.  I felt the need to write something about how profoundly affected I felt by the occasion. Bude Methodist Church was packed and that in itself tells you how much Margaret was loved and admired in her beloved Bude and beyond.

I accompanied two very dear friends, a couple from Daventry who I have known for about 12 years, they visit Bude twice a year and the very first thing they did on arrival and the last thing they did before making their way home was to visit the Rustic Tea Garden at Northcott to see Margaret. Along with so many at Margaret’s funeral (and it was a full church), they cannot believe that they will never see her again, hear her laugh or feel the big-hearted warmth of her personality.  To them and many others, Margaret was an intrinsic part of their holiday and the gaping hole left by her loss is beyond repair.  

Margaret’s daughter Mitch’s words, read by Colin May, were extremely moving and eloquent.  Many of us who did not know Margaret that well but knew of her charitable work and her huge influence in so many areas of the local community may have been unaware of her personal background story beyond her Rustic Tea Garden.

Hearing of her early challenges in childhood makes the warm-hearted, selfless, caring and loving woman she became even more poignant.  What an inspiration to all of us in the way that she lived her life. I was touched by her generosity of spirit, her authenticity (there will only ever be one Margaret Frost) and she was the genuine article.  She did not suffer fools gladly but always gave people the benefit of the doubt, even when her static caravan was broken into several times, she was concerned that the person who did it may be hungry.

The wonderful photos on the screens portrayed a woman who lived life to the full, loved every minute of it and grabbed every opportunity to have fun, challenge herself and to put herself out there when an opportunity came her way to do something!  Who wouldn’t want to look back at a life like that and to have no regrets that they made the most of it and had been a compassionate person?

I am personally inspired by Margaret and her philosophy on life, always coming from a place of gratitude, love and understanding of her fellow human beings and trying to help people where possible.  Wouldn’t it just be a better world and a nicer place to live if there were more Margaret Frosts on the planet? RIP Margaret, you will be missed beyond measure and thank you for teaching me something today …


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