The Poppy Wave returns to Bude

The Bude Poppy Wave is a remarkable show of community spirit among people of all ages at this time of Remembrance. Harry Pearce, from Budehaven has resurrected The Poppy Wave  in time for Remembrance, 2021. The aim is for active commemoration among the community.

Photos from The Poppy Wave FB page

From The Poppy Wave Facebook page:

The PoppyWave has returned home to Shalder Hill.
This year, the wave has been adorned with white, metal crosses, kindly made and provided by local company, Bott. Thank you.
On each of the crosses is marked a name. Budehaven pupils and members of the community spent the day writing each and every name of the fallen, from Bude, Stratton, Poundstock, Kilkhampton, Morwenstow, Marhamchurch and Week St. Mary. Also featured, each individual American soldier from the Second Ranger Battalion that trained in Bude, but were ‘Killed in Action’.
We found it fitting that all of these names are individually represented on the hill, together.
Thank you to Mark Humphries for the continued loan of the nets on which the material poppies are tied. The nets previously covered tanks in Afghanistan.
Clair Roberts’ inspiration, enthusiasm and resilience needs constant recognition.
We were privileged to be joined by V-Day Veteran, Alan Litchfield, who at 96 (nearly 97, Alan) spent appreciated hours supporting and sharing the gift of his presence and stories. Thank you, Alan, for your Service, generosity of spirit and kindness today! You were one of the last to leave; sitting in the cold, aside the War Memorial- remarkable.
Thank you to David Worth, from Bude’s RBL, whose infectious enthusiasm for the cause will be invaluable for future generations.
Thank you to Rob Francis for the provision of the Hall, and very late locking up! We owe you!
Thank you to the handful of community members and Budehaven pupils who worked tirelessly to make this possible.
Thank you to all who have delightfully contributed to Bude’s ‘PoppyWave’.

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