The Pearl Bamford Community Garden

Budehaven Community School is soon to launch their fundraiser for The Pearl Bamford Community Garden. This will involve a series of events for pupils at the school to raise funds. More info is on the school’s news page.

Pearl, a young woman who sadly died of hypothermia in Truro in March, 2019, has inspired a number of community events for young people. The Pearl Exchange was set up by her parents in her name, to create a nurturing collaborative community for young people in the area.

Now, Budehaven School’s Crowdfunder will start on 2nd November. The school hopes to raise enough money to create an interactive outdoor teaching and learning space for pupils. This will include a covered teaching and learning space, landscaped with sustainable and creative features, which celebrates biodiversity and mindfulness. The space will also aim to raise awareness about climate resilience and protecting the environment.

After what Headteacher, Dominic Wilkes deemed was “the most restricted and challenging half term of my career”, the fundraiser will help provide a much-needed positive focus for staff and pupils to create an amazing learning space for the future.




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