The Nanny Moore’s Bridge paint job

From Peter La Broy’s Facebook page:

I’ve been planning to do a ‘community paint’ on the railings on Nanny Moores Bridge for ages.

We were hoping to finally get it going this autumn, but on closer inspection several of the railings are quite rotted.

I met with Cornwall Council officers to look at how we might get it sorted, so the plan is to close the bridge for a few days and replace the rotten railings, then it’ll be handed back to us to do our job.

As it is a grade 2 listed structure there has to be consultation with Historic England (shouldn’t be a problem), then there is a 3 month application time for the closure order.

All of which means that it will be December, dark and damp, by then.

So, the plan is to get the job done late march/early April when the weather will be looking up again.

We have a very kind offer from the Dulux Decorating Centre to gift us the paint – so if you fancy getting involved in painting our bridge, watch my page for further updates …

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