The mystery of Mumma Bear’s build-your-own burgers

A few people recently contacted Bude & Beyond asking what has happened to the popular build-your-own burger at Mumma Bear’s in Bude.

Jane Everett has explained the decision to remove that particular option from the menu but she believes the new menu will work even better:

It was becoming very wasteful trying to sustain build-your-own burgers, as we needed such a lot of ingredients for this wide offer, so we were wasting a lot of food, which is not only poor economy but totally out of sync with our green credentials as we really don’t want to be throwing food away.

It was also very slow processing orders through the kitchen as every ticket was really unpredictable. We wanted to make the customer experience much faster and slicker, and on looking at sales we realised that a very high percentage of build-your-own was really just the same couple of burgers varied only by sauce choice. So, we created the new menu to address this, taking the top choices that were being created, and have introduced sauces at tables so customers can still tailor their final burger themselves.

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