The Main Hall – Ivor Potter is to be dropped

The Bude & Stratton journalist who attended the latest council meeting on June 6th notes that the naming of the hall was unanimously passed. It will now be known as The Main Hall, reflecting recent expenditure and investment (over £38,000) in it to make it more attractive to those wishing to hire.

Councillor Willingham did make the point that people should give their views before a decision is made, rather than afterwards. Fair point, but not everyone checks the council website regularly. Responses on our social media have been strong. If Ivor is not to retain the hall named after him, perhaps there is some other way he can be remembered.


I don’t see why they can’t call it the Main Hall on their booking forms but still keep it known as The Ivor Potter Hall as he was instrumental in getting a Hall with a full-size stage in the Parkhouse development. 

Ask any local who Ivor Potter is and they will tell you what a good man he was. Incidentally in the 60s 70s and 80s when the summer show was on every Monday in the summer from July to September, people would come from far and wide to see the show, and people would be queuing from the Old Parish Hall down to the Triangle to get in!

Of course, it should be named after the man who insisted on its importance to replace the Parish Hall when that was sold. He put all his time and effort into the Bude Theatre Club as well as his productions in Kilkhampton and Morwenstow. Not only is he respected by many locals, but there were holidaymakers who would come and see the summer shows every year.

Without a doubt, the hall should be left as the ‘Ivor Potter’ hall. A true gentleman who cared for the local people and area – he nurtured talent and gave many many locals the opportunity to grow as a person. Always available for charity work and to help out when needed – a true gent. For many years he gave both locals and holidaymakers some fantastic shows which were talked about far and wide – he is a Bude legend

Doreen Taylor kindly provided a photo which she thinks was taken at Kilkhampton. Ivor Potter is at the front in the light-coloured sweater.

Patricia Osborn is Ivor Potter’s niece. She says:


 Naming something in memory of a very special person is so they will never be forgotten and I truly hope this idea to rename my amazing Uncle Ivor’s hall will be the only thing that is forgotten. I, along with probably the majority of Bude and surrounding areas populations, hold him very dear and am sure as you can see this reflects in the sheer number and content of the comments that have been posted.

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  • G Reader says:

    As very good friends of Ivor( Mr I D Potter) both my wife and I think it is a great shame that the Bude council can forget all he did for Bude, we hope the Kilk and Morwenstow councils will help overturn this disgusting idea.

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