The magic of Mirchi

Living on a limited budget I sadly do not eat out very often. However, this evening I returned to Mirchi, a place I haven’t been for some time.

It must be said, the service was excellent, as was the food. Alongside the usual poppadoms and chutneys, I was pleased to see a vegetarian section on the menu, making it easy to choose. They also use a chilli classification system. The menu clearly explains which items are mild or medium, and then a chilli symbol is used to denote increasing heat in the sauce.

I’d never had their Chana Aloo Matar before, but as a lover of pulses, it appealed to me. I was not disappointed by the tasty, dry consistency of this chickpea curry, complemented perfectly by my Tarka Dhal.

It must be said, since my last visit many moons ago, I think both the food and the surroundings have modernised, giving a contemporary feel to the place and the menu. Even the pilau rice was not over-coloured as it so often is, so the food looked and tasted fresh and good. Alas, I forgot to collect a loyalty card, but I also noticed they have a meal deal on certain nights of the week, so that’s worth checking.

Anyway, a lovely meal which did not leave me feeling unpleasantly full but which was satisfying (and we took some home). Worth a shout out. To top it all, we were treated to a splendid sky on the way home.

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