The future of Bude’s Compass Point looking brighter

Originally built in 1835, and relocated in 1900 due to eroding cliffs, Bude’s Compass Point locally referred to as “The Pepper Pot” has experienced years of coastal erosion and exposure to harsh weather conditions. This had left the future of Compass Point in jeopardy.

The iconic structure sits proudly on Efford Down, on Cornwall Council land and holds a special place in Bude’s history.

Due to the nature of the work and the listed status set out by Historic England, the process to move Compass Point must start with the production of a Heritage Impact Assessment. Bude-Stratton Town Council, keen to support the future of Compass Point, has taken the lead on finding a suitable tender to undertake this, of which only one specialised tender came forward.

Cllr Peter LaBroy, Bude-Stratton Town Councillor and Cornwall Councillor who has been the driving force behind securing its future, commented: “We are now awaiting funding from Cornwall Council for the Heritage Impact Assessment – this document is the key step needed before we can move forward, and will outline suitable locations.” It is likely to remain on Efford Down.

At a cost of just under £15,000, Bude-Stratton Town Council expects the funding to be available from Cornwall Council by April 2020, after which, progress can then be made on the planning application and funding sought to move the building to a secure location. The aim is to preserve Bude’s iconic structure for decades to come.

Back in February 2019, Peter La Broy said: David Parsons and myself met with officers from Cornwall Council to inspect and discuss the future of Compass Point. The structure is now getting very close to the crumbling cliff edge. Whilst stable now, it would only take a single small fissure to open up and make rescue impossible. The current outline plan is to move it approximately 100m inland directly upon the lie of the natural ridge that it sits on. Peter went on to advise of reports needed to action the move. It seems his efforts are finally coming to fruition.

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