The fuel issue is improving; there’s no need to hoard

The fuel issue has impacted many people, though it doesn’t seem to have been so bad in the SW. Certainly, fuel was not difficult to obtain in the. Falmouth area where I was last week. Bude did not seem too bad (queues) before I went away.

The following info comes from the RAC:

“While the fuel delivery situation continues to improve in many areas, that’s sadly not the case right across the country. In particular, those drivers that rely on independent forecourts – especially where there aren’t any supermarkets selling fuel – may still be struggling to fill up or be faced with queues.

“Sadly, smaller petrol stations appear to have been hit particularly hard by so many people refuelling over the weekend and draining their stocks. As their supply chains aren’t as robust as the larger retailers’ many are still struggling to get the deliveries they so desperately need. We know that while these independents don’t sell as much fuel as the supermarkets and oil-company run forecourts, they are still very important to drivers.

“RAC data confirms that nationally things are improving, but are not yet back to normal. Yesterday our patrols still dealt with nearly five times the number of out-of-fuel breakdowns that they would typically attend. In contrast, on Monday when the problem was at its worst they attended 13 times more than on a normal day.”

Of course, we are all reading of some people stockpiling fuel.


While the law says you can store up to 30 litres of petrol at home without a licence, that doesn’t mean you should in the current situation. Stockpiling fuel at home when fuel deliveries are disrupted only makes it more difficult for others to get the petrol or diesel they need and homeowners may be putting themselves and others at risk from fire.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Just because it’s legal to store up to 30 litres of petrol at home, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do when so many drivers have been struggling to get the fuel they need to go to work and carry out their important daily tasks. Those who need to should follow the law carefully to keep themselves, their families and neighbours safe. Petrol should always be kept in the proper containers in an outbuilding and never left outside.

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