The Fallen – Sand Art Project, Bude

From Clair Roberts:
I often wonder what Tommy would say to us, if he saw how we have used the freedom he died for. Fuelled on fear, adrenaline and a shot of brandy, a young teenager would go over the top at the sound of a shrill whistle.

We have so much because of the fight for freedom. Yet we bemoan so much. We have the freedom of speech, education, to be who are, to do things we desire, yet complain that this is not enough.

I saw such a huge similarity between lockdown and the social behaviour of WWII. Resilience, kindness, community, acceptance it could be worse. On the flip side, distrust, hatred, isolation, greed self-centredness.

Lockdown saw our planet start to heal, as we travelled less, used less, wasted less, accepted less. Climate change awareness is the result of us losing our freedom temporarily, and not a moment too soon.

I wonder if Tommy thought he was fighting the good fight against tyranny, only to see us use our freedom to destroy our planet.

This weekend, we are planning a huge sand art project to represent the Fallen in Flanders Fields, The Somme, Ypres, Normandy D Day, The Falklands, Afghanistan, Iraq… need I go on as they continue to fall for us. Lest we forget.

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