The day Bude got gridlocked …

Councillor Peter La Broy created a video this morning showing a gridlocked Bude. You can watch it here.

Judging by the amount of traffic and rate of travel, he calculated 1-2 hours to the beach from Stratton by-pass.

Locals expressed their concern, but is Bude always this busy in the school summer holidays or is this year especially so because of Covid-19 and foreign travel restrictions/concerns?

On Councillor La Broy’s Facebook page, there were a number of comments. People were mainly worried about access during emergencies, but also it cannot be much fun for the visitors, either. What is the solution? I was in Bude yesterday and it was pretty busy then but traffic was at least moving. Today’s brighter weather probably created the impact late morning.

Catherine said: I’ve just been stuck in all this. Bude is utterly gridlocked in all directions – what are locals supposed to do if they need to get somewhere in an emergency? Like to the vet’s or onto the A39 to get to A & E, or emergency services vehicles need to get through?

Andy came up with a proactive solution: We get this every summer. It’s quicker for us to walk from Stratton into town rather than drive. We need larger signage for the town car parks. Even better would be interactive signs, as other towns have, to show when Summerleaze and the Crescent car parks are full. It appears that vehicles looking for non-existent spaces in Summerleaze cause most of the backlog up and onto the A39.

Summerleaze car park

Jamie added: I have twice witnessed transporters with static caravans on them going through Bude and causing traffic jams on Belle Vue which causes tailbacks as far as Hillhead roundabout. The lorries are so big, they are unable to drive through Bude as cars are parked legally in the parking bays and they can’t manoeuvre the lorries past them.. Can BSTC speak with Cornwall Council and consider a restriction time during the peak period as this causing massive problems? If there was an emergency in Bude, i.e., fire or a incident on the beach/ sea, retained firefighters, RNLI or Coastguard personal will be delayed in getting to stations due to traffic. This will cause a life if they have a massive delay.

Michael suggested Bude needs a park and ride.

Were you caught up in the traffic today? Share your thoughts – and solutions.



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