The closed car park at Bodmin Moor

The photos below are taken from Bodmin Moor Commons social media to help get their message across. They have closed their car park relying on people’s common sense and goodwill not to congregate at the car park.area.  The gate will have been touched by dozens of people in a short space of time.

It seems the Government guidelines are now being openly ignored in many places.

The signs at the entrance state ‘Sorry, this car park is closed’ and ‘Stay safe, stay home’.  The Moor Council shared the picture on their Twitter account to raise awareness of the issue saying: “I guess the sign wasn’t quite big enough”.

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  • Bob G says:

    Quite obviously a display by the pig ignorant few who remain selfish, self-centred and inconsiderate. Get the car registrations and refer them to Police to allocate severe fines. “2nd offence? – seize and crush the vehicle. Simples!

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