The Breadbag Challenge

By Binzy Reynolds:

From January 1st 2019, the gauntlet was thrown down to every member of the Bude Rubbish Action Group, or BRAG as we are commonly known. During every day this January, would it be possible for each BRAG volunteer to collect a bread bag full of litter from our town? It doesn’t seem a lot to ask, although a bread bag can hold a surprising amount of rubbish.

It has become clear many people are taking part and this evening, with just ten days gone, we have totalled up the awesome amount of rubbish collected so far. We have collected:

48 full bin bags
75 bread bags/carrier bags
1 carpet
2 signs (assorted)
5 full buckets
14 full nine-gallon boxes, (mobility scooter mounted)
1 telly
1 pond liner

Ten minutes in a layby just outside Stratton

I would like to publicly thank everyone for taking part in the Breadbag Challenge. Please continue the fantastic job you are doing to keep our town rubbish free. If anyone reading this would like to take part, please grab bread bag, (or bin bag if you prefer), and join the 2019 Breadbag Challenge.

It costs nothing and means everything. Keep the rubbish out of our rivers and streams, off our roads and pavements and out of our town.

Love where you live, love Bude.

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