The best kind of Valentine …

I love this kind community gesture from Mark James.

There are lots of people who will not receive a Valentine today, or possibly any other year. Many are single, divorced or widowed, for example. Some just don’t go in for it, and it has become terribly commercialised over the years.

Love is something for all year round, really, and many won’t be bothered by a ‘Hallmark’ Day, but for some who are feeling sensitive for any number of reasons today, it will be sad.

So, gestures like this are wonderful.

Yesterday on Bude Noticeboard, Mark wrote:

I have to admit that part of me dislikes Valentine’s Day.
It is not hard to see the pain in the face of some people who sheepishly pass the flower stall and the plethora of “love” tokens in the entrance of supermarkets.
In their face you can sense sadness, perhaps thinking “Why not me”?
Love of course is far greater than this, for all are loved.
God does not need an annual date nor a commercial prompting for guilt or “duty” platitudes to send.
God looks upon us all and loves unconditionally, everyday. Love is in the everyday, in a smile, in an act of kindness.
Today I will place 100 stones in Bude with the word love engraved upon them. If you find one tomorrow remind yourself that you are loved. There will be a message for you on the back. ❤
And a number of stones have already been found making some people very happy.
Bless you, Mark.  And for everyone out there, take care and keep some of that love for yourself.

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