The 2.6k challenge to help the SW coast path

Are you ready to take on The 2.6 Challenge on the 26 April 2020 to save the Coast Path?

Walk or run 2.6 miles as part of your daily exercise or come up with your own home-based challenge inspired by 2.6 or 26. If you’re lucky enough to live within spitting distance of the Coast Path, please do take extra photos and videos as we’d all love to see it! Then, donate or fundraise whatever you are able to – whether it’s £2.60 or £26, it will all go towards helping our beloved National Trail survive this period of catastrophic funding loss – so that we can all get back to enjoying our unique coastal landscape once lockdown is lifted.

The 2.6 Challenge has been set up to bring together the UK’s Stay at Home Heroes to save the UK’s charities whose funding has been decimated during the coronavirus pandemic, including us here at the South West Coast Path Association.
Event organisers of the postponed London Marathon –  which should have seen millions of pounds raised for amazing charities of all kinds by people running 26 miles around the capital on the 26th April – have turned their attention instead to what we can all be doing for the causes close to our hearts during lockdown. That’s where Challenge 2.6 comes in – challenging the nation to do 2.6 (or 26 if you are feeling brave!) of anything, from home, to raise £26 to help your favourite charity make it out the other side.
It only takes five simple steps:

  1. Choose a challenge Walk or run 2.6 miles, climb up and down your stairs for 26 mins, hike round your garden or come up with your own creative home-based challenge! If you live next to the Coast Path or want some virtual inspiration, check out our routes that are approximately 2.6 miles.
  2. Tell us about it! Use your smart phone to film yourself or take a selfie in action if you can, then share it to social media using #TwoPointSixChallenge and tagging @southwestcoastpath. Why not tag friends in your post and challenge them to do the same?
  3. Donate or Fundraise You can then either donate the £26 yourself here or set up a fundraising page here.
  4. Hear more from us Sign up to our 2.6 Challenge campaign list here to keep up to date with how we are getting on!
  5. Feel amazing! Knowing you are helping the South West Coast Path to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you.
Remember, no matter what you choose to do for your 2.6 Challenge, it is essential that you prioritise keeping yourself and everybody else safe. This means adhering to the Government Guidelines for social distancing.


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