That dog poo issue

I love dogs, I own dogs, and despite the irritation of schlepping back up the beach with a dog poo bag, I do it, because it is just what we should do, the norm.

Nearly trod in some dog poo by Crooklets car park earlier, then headed off with a friend for a walk along the canal. Towards the weir end, one of a lady’s two beautifully clipped spaniels, black and white, stopped for a poo. At first, she continued walking, oblivious, but then she saw the dog and walked back, we presumed to pick up the poo. By now some distance away, we watched her watch her dog finish, whence she then walked off. So, a nicely dressed woman with some lovely dogs just didn’t bother even trying to clean up. We were appalled; sadly, she didn’t seem to be. It’s really very easy, isn’t it? If you have a dog, take some poo bags when you go out and clean up the mess!


  • Anna Williams says:

    Not only that… Also take the poo bags back to a bin. Trees weren’t planted for this! I have 18 dogs and am diligent about their poo (they’re obviously not all out at once! 😀 ) Why let other dog users take the blame and the consequences?

  • Carol French says:

    Surely you challenged the ignorant (sexist term)? Otherwise you could be described as “all mouth and no trousers” as my Nanny used to say!

  • Amanda Mitchell says:

    Similar thing happened to us walking along the canal recently. Dog, running free, did a poo in front of us. Owner unaware as she was a short distance ahead of us. Caught up with owner, mentioned the incident in a kind way. She walked back to the offending article and fumbled in her pockets, as though looking for a disposal bag. We walked on. but when we returned shortly afterwards, the same poo was still there. Obviously had no intention of clearing up! I see many dogs off the lead on the tow path with the owners completely oblivious to their actions some distance away. It’s all about respect, really.

  • Carol French says:

    No, Amanda, it’s all about cleaning up after yourself. If they won’t do it (the owners) then let’s all start carrying cameras and take pictures of DOG/POO/OWNER and post on website. Using words like Respect, Educate etc are clearly a waste of time….these people clearly don’t give a **** about “the decent thing to do” so let’s all grow a pair and NAME AND SHAME!!!!

  • Ann Jones says:

    Is there a statistic for how much dog muck is collected from Doghaven on Sea aka Bude? I have never seen so many dogs in one place. Thats a lot of dog muck.

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