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1820866For those who attended the #bigupbude event on 16th April, held at the Falcon Hotel, you couldn’t fail to remember Lizzie Larbalestier, who facilitated the event for Debbie Cousins from Bude Works/Jobcentre Plus. This is what Lizzie’s own website, NLP Training, said of the event:

This week we ran a Big Up Bude event.  We were asked to design and facilitate an event for Debbie Cousins at Budeworks in partnership with Job Centre Plus.  The event aimed to encourage community engagement, raise employability skills and provide tangible services, products and events for the community to take forwards with an aim of raising social and economic sustainability for this seaside town. 

An initial visit to Bude a few weeks ago provided a pleasant surprise with beautiful scenery, creative businesses and a general feeling of friendliness when passing people in the street.  If you have previously considered Bude to be “a long drive”, the Atlantic Highway makes the journey much faster than ever before and very scenic, so it feels like an insignificant distance from Wadebridge.

The event produced some great ideas to progress and was supported by the attendance of business mentors who offered invaluable advice and guidance throughout the day ranging from social media, finance, web design, business development, marketing, digital media and many more. 

The employability skills we focused on throughout the day were: self-awareness, communication, time management, decision making, teamwork, leadership and technical skills.  Ideas were shared at the end of the day in a Dragon’s Den style pitch to our guest “Dragons” Carolyn Webster, Phil Geraghty and Alan Biggs.  Most excitingly the attendees showed energy and passion for continuing their involvement to make the first “Bude’s Got Talent” event happen following some great advice from (Dawn now excited as that was the group she was involved in, despite knowing nothing about Britain’s Got Talent as a concept and thus lagging in the enthusiasm stakes at the time, though the potential was obviously there). I look forward to seeing this idea grow…..

To follow their progress or get involved with the Big Up Bude movement click the Bude Logo and follow @Budeworks and anybody using #BigUpBude on Twitter.

Thank you to the folk of Bude for making us feel so welcome, we look forward to supporting you to progress your plans.


The wonderful – and inspirational – Debbie Cousins has encouraged local businesses to co-operate and network so brilliantly, to further develop that friendliness, spirit and community spirit that is already here in the town. I’d like to publicly thank Debbie for promoting #bigupbude so amazingly and consistently.



Love Bude - view from Life's a Beach - how can you not love it?

Love Bude – view from Life’s a Beach – how can you not love it?





  • Dawn adds:

    What the #bigupbude event did for me, personally, was to make me have a serious think about my skills, my time, and how I can harness that more effectively.

    A few things happened; I’d been thinking for a good while about the dissipation of my energies and what good that actually does anyone, including me.

    Then, a conversation with Tim Martindale later in the week, helped to galvanise those thoughts, so thanks Tim. He probably doesn’t realise what a catalyst for change he was over a hot chocolate in Arabica! So……

    I realised I have been spreading myself far too wide and thin, and that ‘less is often more’.

    As a result of revisiting my goals/targets, I shall be writing more for the site (and my own blog) because writing and interviewing is what I love doing, sharing less general info on Facebook, and have separated off Facebook and Twitter to work to the strengths of both markets and cut down on the clutter.

    This will save me time to focus on what I want/need to be doing, rather than dashing around like a whirling dervish trying to do everything – and even to take time out without feeling guilty.

    I hope you’ll continue to support the site, the FB page, and Twitter which should be more streamlined as a result.

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