Thanks to our sponsors, Blind Pig Media

Big thanks to Blind Pig Media for renewing their sponsorship of Bude and Beyond, supporting local news and views.

I last had a decent conversation with Business Development Manager, Steve Brookes, about Blind Pig in early 2019. The company has its head office in London but a vibrant creative hub in Bude.

So, what are Steve and the Blind Pig team about?

Well, when we talked, and I don’t think that has changed, Steve was keen on helping local businesses to maximise their online presence, thereby helping them to reach target audiences.  That’s general ‘marketing speak’. Let’s break it down a little.

In terms of the Bude area, that means offering lower budget ways to help local businesses, while also encouraging the same businesses to get online more effectively, so they can sell throughout the year rather than rely on Bude’s seasonality. In doing this, it secures business progression, income and jobs.

Tourists are not the only audience Bude potentially has but they are an important one, so why not try to engage with Bude’s visitors all year round?

It seems so simple, yet actually has a touch of brilliance that only simple ideas can achieve. Good old down to earth common sense.

Steve is also keen to promote Bude more to the outside world pre-season, to draw people in to spend their money here in the shops and restaurants. He was then also eager to provide a service to the outlying areas such as Crackington, Jacobstow and Welcombe, which he has already started doing. I noticed he has been involved in promoting The Smithy at Welcombe, for example. How Covid-19 has changed things, I do not know, but businesses at the moment need all the help they can get.

For their fee, clients with Steve set and achieve objectives/goals, incorporating marketing, social media, and targeted advertising to suit their budget. Steve, who also reaches clients in London, says he is keen to work with salons, pubs, accountants, coffee shops, restaurants and all manner of local businesses. So, the aim is to work with the many small businesses in the area.

Steve originally set up Blind Pig Media with the late Oliver Woods, who sadly passed away in April 2017, but is still mentioned as co-founder on the website. We spent some time discussing Oliver, his contribution to the idea of Blind Pig Media, and how much promise he had shown before leaving this earth way too soon.

Steve himself professed not to be a marketeer. This was a positive in my book.

Marketing professionals are stereotypically known for hype, the strategic use of interpersonal and communication skills, but marketing hype not really a way forward in a place like Bude. Steve’s work ethic is based around self-development and the life skills he picked up along the way (which we discussed) something which fits much better here.

He has a real passion for working with businesses, offering high grade content marketing to them. However, let’s not forget, Blind Pig (great name, not easily forgotten and lending itself to wonderful graphics) is also a very professional outfit utilising the best skills in the local digital market, reaching across to businesses in Devon and Cornwall for web design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and brand presence via a package of digital marketing solutions.

I’m not a fan of the term ‘influencers’ but it is key in social media, where brands are promoted through apps such as Instagram.

My question to Steve was very simple: if you do all this marketing yourself, why do you need Bude & Beyond? I’m pleased to say he probably doesn’t, but he explained that he likes the Bude & Beyond ethos of giving service to the community and sees supporting it as a good way to give back while also accessing our site as another marketing outlet. Steve is much more market – savvy than me, but also sees the value of community.


We very much welcome and appreciate Blind Pig Media’s continued support of Bude & Beyond.

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