Thanks to my B & B team

Just wanted to give thanks to my volunteers at Bude & Beyond and to wish them a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

What we know from our statistics is that people are reading, even if they don’t comment or tell us, but to be honest, your comments and engagement make both reading and writing Bude & Beyond a better experience, especially for our occasional writers, so please keep or start them coming. We want to know what you think.

I digress.

Thanks very much to Rob Wilcox who has been with B & B almost since its inception, and who pays hosting fees from his own pocket because he believes in the site and in community service. Alongside this, Rob spends up to 104 hours a year on techie stuff for the website. An unsung community hero.

Dean, Rob, Dawn and Helen

It’s hard to put a figure on Dean Wronowski’s involvement as he spent many hours on the design of the website. Despite being really busy working for his own business, he now also does most of our Facebook sharing/posting which takes up time each day. He hopes to engage more on the Twitter side next, too. Thanks, Dean, for sharing your skills and time on us.

We have volunteer writers in Binzy Reynolds and Helen Shingler who have contributed some occasional but highly relevant and interesting pieces this year – thanks to them for putting their heads above the parapet and writing when so many people say they’d like to but never do.

Binzy …

My role is to find news, disseminate it, sift press releases and emails, write articles, edit, and publish, and feed material to Instagram and other social media. Even so, I cannot cover everything which is why it is so useful if people have news that they TELL us via email, FB message, WhatsApp or whatever. I’d estimate (conservative) that I spend about 2 hours a day on average in Bude & Beyond, which is around 730 hours, or around 14+ hours a week, equivalent to an unpaid part-time job.

However, I simply couldn’t do it without my team. Together we are stronger and more effective. Thanks, Rob, Dean, Binzy and Helen. I hope you all have a lovely rest over Christmas.

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  • I just want to say I value our personal friendship Dawn and I am really pleased to be an occasional writer for B&B! It’s fun and I enjoy putting words down on paper, also hopefully writing something that B&B readers might enjoy reading! My hope for 2019 is that B&B develops and grows and that I can write more often, flexing my creativity! Happy Christmas to all B&B readers and to the team above but most of all thanks Dawn for inspiring us all with your productivity and words! Helen X

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