Thanks to my B & B community team …

As we continue to work on Bude & Beyond from the safety of our individual desks scattered around the area, I want to give a shout out again for my ‘backroom’ team. They don’t like the spotlight but they are going to get it as it is a fact that B & B would not be here without these community-spirited people.

I know that, especially at the moment, I am spending many hours keeping news and info filtering through to Bude & Beyond. Actually, it tends to take my mind off the harsh realities of life out there, health-wise and economically, except for when it comes to the Prime Minister’s daily missive which tends to be pretty sobering. These are troubled times. My heart weeps when I see what has happened in beautiful Italy, and increasingly, elsewhere, of which I am reminded constantly through alerts and incoming information.

Now, more than ever, I could not do this task on my own. So …

Big thanks to the brilliant Rob Wilcox for giving little tweaks I ask for, writing the occasional article and keeping B & B up and running in what are unprecedented times. Rob never seeks glory. No matter what else he has to do, he calmly gets on with stuff, prioritises, listens to my ‘big asks’ and makes his own suggestions. He is a rock.


Thanks are also due to the amazing Dean Wronowski for maintaining a lot of the Facebook page, a task I dislike if I’m honest. Dean is also responsible for the cool look of the site, which displays his creative yet techie talents.

Now, I also have the lovely Helen Shingler keeping an eye on the social media with Dean to share things which might be useful to you the public. Through Helen’s keen eye, I learned today that RHS Rosemoor has closed, for example, a place I thought might make a nice outing.


We are happy to share your news updates/business changes, etc. For it to appear on the site, you need to email or click on the submit your news button, or indeed complete the little form that now appears at the end of each article. It could not be easier.

For it to simply be shared on Facebook, ask, and hopefully, Dean or Helen will pick it up.

Rob, Dean, Helen and I are all volunteers, giving of our time, expertise and often money as well. This is our gift to the community.


We still want (nay, need) writers, too. Write about anything you like. I wrote about primroses and fairies yesterday because these are strange times and I have seen more primroses than anything recently on my numerous social distancing walks. Distraction is good. If you can’t work, you might like the mindful distraction of writing.

Like everyone else, the team here fears for their families and friends, near and distant, and for society as a whole, but we all have to plug away to try to make life better during these troubling times.

Please, please, try to remain positive and kind. It makes life so much easier.

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  • JohnG says:

    It’s thanks from us as well Dawn – and by us, I mean those locals who appreciate having Bude & Beyond, and the stories and information it provides.
    And as you say, the backroom team are a vital part of the machinery – so thanks too, to Helen, Dean and Rob.
    Keep up the good work. ATB

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