Thanks from a Budehaven parent …

A Budehaven parent has asked me to share this, which I am delighted to do:

Today is results day and the day we close the door on a special place that has been part of our lives for the last 8 years with both our girls attending there.

Without the support of all the teachers and support staff, especially Fiona Landman, I don’t think my youngest daughter would have got through her senior school years (she has Aspergers and struggles a lot) but now she is set to go into college and possibly university. This would not be the case if she had not had such a good support base at school.

This school does not get the credit they often deserve.

They have pushed both my daughters to achieve the very best they could, with one already at university.

The school has tackled bullying issues and dealt with everything in such a professional way.

I can’t thank them enough. Such a brilliant school and I hope the grades today reflect on what a great school this is.

Budehaven: amazing teachers amazing school.


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