Thanks Elite West

Here at B & B, we love all our sponsoring advertisers.

Most people advertise, understandably, because they want something in return. Promotion of their business, a rotating ad, an article, sharing social media, etc. Why wouldn’t they? That’s how it works.  I still think B & B is great value for advertisers (thanks to Rob who deals with the rotating ads).

However, back in June, I had the most lovely experience of an advertiser who actually didn’t want anything back (they got it anyway) but who basically contacted me to say: I want to sponsor Bude & Beyond because I think you do a great job for Bude. 

At first, I was taken aback, and pinched myself, checked with them, but it was true. Their business is doing very nicely, thank you, and advertising here probably has little impact as their customers come from outside (though many visitors to Bude also read B & B) but sponsor us they did.

So, many thanks to Elite West for your unconditional support. That was probably a highlight of my B & B year!

We did a little article anyway. Here’s the link.

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