Testing, testing … fun times at The Castle part 2

The wAVE project is organising another user testing day for the 21st January, 11 – 3.30 pm. The design team have been working on it since the last day back in November and made improvements based on evaluations, so hopefully, it will be much better!

Here was my experience: Let’s be honest, I’m not a gaming person, I know nothing about Augmented Reality, and I wasn’t especially looking forward to going to The Castle to test a prototype game out steering a ship into the canal. However, I was invited and felt I ought to go.

I’m so glad I did because it was actually really interesting and good fun.

Basically, testers were provided with a headset which contains a small computer with lenses and screens. It provides a 180-degree image of something, in this case, the Bude coastline. The closest I can describe it as is looking through a handheld camera.

There is a handset controller, but in reality when this is installed in the Castle as a finished product in early 2020, the controlling will be done via a ship’s steering wheel. The aim is to help bring one aspect of the Castle’s exhibits to VR life, to appeal to the many families who visit.

If you want to know more about the Ceres, check our post on the local history section of our site, here.

One thing I learned from the game was how difficult it would have been to steer a ship into the canal, and yet people did, back in the day, presumably using tugs. As for me, I kept hitting sandbanks and going backwards!

So, it was a pertinent and fascinating way to develop more understanding of Bude’s canal history.


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