Taxi Trev checks out dog-friendly eating around Bude …

You all know that Bude taxi driver, Trev, likes to take his rescue dog, George, everywhere he can with him, and that includes out for dinner.

Recently, Trev set himself the arduous task (!) of trying 6 different dog-friendly eating venues in Bude and reported back on his social media what he had. Trev is a keen meat-eater so there are probably not many veggie options mentioned though all the venues do offer them!

Week 1 – Life’s a Beach (dogs only allowed outside)

Trev said: Always great to try places to eat so I can recommend to people in the taxi. So over the next 6 weeks, I will be trying different places on a Monday night. This is Tiger Prawn and Monkfish curry and it’s absolutely delicious — at Life’s A Beach.

Top qualities:

  1. Beach view
  2. Range of beers
  3. Friendly staff 


Week 2 – The Deck


Trev said: Ribs and Tiger Prawns here which were absolutely gorgeous, as ever. If you do want to eat here then YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE — at The DECK. Seems to be a prawn theme going on! 


Top qualities:

  1. Friendly staff
  2. Wonderful rack of ribs
  3. Ambience.


Week 3 – Beach House, Widemouth Bay

Trev says: Tandoori chicken skewers to start and my favourite main dish in the world, Pad Thai. Both absolutely delicious and will recommend to everyone.

Top qualities:

  1. Pad Thai Asian food
  2. The view
  3. Friendly staff


Week 4 – The Shack, Bude


Trev says: Pasta Bolognaise for me tonight and it’s absolutely delicious. Try it folks, at The Shack.

Top qualities:

  1. Good value for money
  2. Speedy service
  3. Decor

Week 5 – The Preston Gate, Poughill

Trev says: I like to walk up here so will only do when there’s no rain forecast. 10oz Sirloin steak cooked to perfection with king prawns, mushrooms and pepper sauce, perfect.
Try it folks
 — at The Preston Gate Inn.

Top qualities:

  1. Friendly staff
  2. Range of beers
  3. Generous portions

Finally …

Week 6 – The Bank at Bude

Trev says: So I had my absolute favourite prawns with chilli and garlic. Also Crispy Duck with Plum sauce with spinach and garlic and fried potatoes with garlic and paprika. Absolutely delicious all of it and I can fully recommend to everyone.

Top qualities:

  1. Position.
  2. Menu choices.
  3. A dog bed for George
Here’s what George thought of it all …


  • David Greenfield says:

    That looks like some seriously tasty food, thanks for taking the trouble to do the research and share, although I’m sure it wasn’t a massive chore! The Pad Thai & ribs look amazing.

  • Leandra says:

    Just had this post recommended as we’re coming to Bude for the first time in three weeks with our two very well behaved rescue Westies and this has helped us so much, we’ll try as many as we can during our stay 😁

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