Taking responsibility for plastic

I’ve just downloaded the SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) personal action plan. It contains many great tips to reduce our use of a reliance on plastic which we all now know to be extremely harmful to our oceans and general environment.

Travelling last week, I’m pleased to say I carried my reusable water bottle everywhere (and very useful it was, too) so no plastic bottle purchases. Sadly, I didn’t spot any water taps (other than in the loos) at Birmingham or Verona airports, but there was one at New St Station.

I don’t buy take away drinks. If I want a hot drink, I sit down and enjoy it, but if you do drink on the go, try taking a reusable coffee cup. Resist straws (this is still not the norm in other countries and some cafes here).

The harder one is to avoid single-use repackaging and bathroom products but I did find some compostable wipes to use, and these are also available in the mainstream shops…so, progress! 


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