Happy Anniversary, Trev

You all know Trev (Trev’s Taxi), who is celebrating 10 years today of living in Bude. Happy Anniversary! In that time, Trev has become a patron of all things local. […]

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Mr #BigUpBude – Trev’s Taxi

I first wrote about Taxi Trev (as Vicko calls him) well before the days of #BigUpBude in 2012. He’s still here, and still offering an efficient and wonderful service to […]

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A Bit About Our Trev (Mr #BigUpBude)

Bude’s popular local taxi driver, Trev Plant, has appeared in an article in PHTM, the newspaper for taxi drivers and private hire vehicle owners. Here he is looking splendid in […]

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Trev – Bude’s Taxi Driver With a Heart of Gold

Spotted this on Sue Gear’s Born to Be Wild facebook page: I would just like to say the Biggest Thank You to Trev Plant of Trev’s Taxi for popping in […]

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Taxi Trev Makes a Million

No, not pounds, unfortunately. He could do a lot in Bude with that! However, that video (now on YouTube) Trev shot of the river surfing on Monday evening, swiftly went viral […]

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Parking #Cornwall – A Bargain!

Thanks to Trev’s Taxi for sending me this photo on one of his many journeys providing an all year round service for locals. A simple question. This is parking in […]

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#BigUpBude Revamped

A lovely new #BigUpBude car sticker is now available from Trev’s Taxi and Seventh Wave Gallery (hopefully, soon, also the Sea pool Pop Up Shop). Organised by #MrBigUpBude himself, Trev […]

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#Cornwall Hour Award for Mr #BigUpBude

Congrats indeed to Trev Plant (owner of Trev’s Taxi) who is a regular Twitter contributor to #CornwallHour, unstintingly singing the praises of his beloved Bude. Glad to see some recognition […]

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Coming Soon – Trev the Traveller

You all know Trev Plant as local taxi driver and Bude community aficionado extraordinaire. Well, soon we plan to show another side to him. Not long before he arrived in […]

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Trev’s Taxi Update

Well, the news on the block is that the real deal, Mr #BigUpBude Trev Plant, is going back to driving his own taxi full-time. The popular local taxi driver has […]

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Unacceptable #Bude

We all know that Bude is a fantastic place. I was only talking to Trev of Trev’s Taxi the other day about how exciting and vibrant the town is increasingly […]

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Police Warn Not to Use Illegal Taxi Services

Devon & Cornwall Police have warned people not to use illegal taxi services after a night out. Warnings follow a surge of people using social media sites to advertise unlawful […]

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Trev’s Taxi Christmas Working Hours #BigUpBude

A bit of shameless promotion for another of our sponsoring advertisers – and why not? It’s what helps keep Bude & Beyond going. Trev must be good – he was […]

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10 Christmas Questions – Mr #BigUpBude

Today’s 10 Christmas questions are asked of Trev Plant. Trev is probably Bude’s best known taxi driver but is also involved in community events, often just quietly assisting, without fuss. […]

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Just Call Ben!

Some of you may have wondered who is driving Trev’s Taxi on the days when Trev himself is taking his dog on the beach or meeting up with friends. The […]

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