Stressed? Go to Truro.

How often do we hear people say they are stressed out? Well, if you might benefit from some advice, check out Truro-based Peter Bray of Kernow Coaching who will draw on his experience in the SAS and as a pioneering adventurer to deliver a free-of-charge evening entitled ‘Stress Management with a Difference’ […]

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Stress – A Modern Phenomenon?

Today, many people consider stress to be part of life, yet most of us have little understanding of what the concept means or where it comes from. In his new book The Age of Stress, University of Exeter historian Professor Mark Jackson explores the history of scientific studies of stress and how […]

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A New Start for 2013?

  Bude Meditation Room begins 2013 with a new course of life-changing meditation tuition on Thursday 3rd January, 6.45 – 8.30 pm at the Neetside Centre, Bude. Many people have benefited from the various methods of meditation learned during their Thursday evening sessions. Worldwide scientists are now beginning to uncover […]

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Jingle Bowels

If you have sensitive guts, then read on. Over a third of people in the UK (17 million) have suffered from ‘jingle bowels’ – stomach complaints including painful abdominal cramps, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and wind due to overindulgence during the festive season. Of course, some poor devils get it […]

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Counselling That Won’t Break the Bank….

There are times in all our lives when some counselling can be useful, but for many people, access to free services is only via a GP, and private services are extremely expensive for the average purse. So, it is great news to hear that Barry Bendell, known already in Bude […]

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