Hunky Dory – BCC

Bude Community Cinema’s next offering on on Friday 7th December and the fil is Hunky Dory. I’ve seen this and it is well worth a viewing. Storyline: Remember 1976? One of-the hottest summers the UK has known.  An idealistic drama teacher single-handedly attempts to knock her teenage class into shape […]

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Stratton Primary Kick Starts Walk to School Week

Children across Cornwall are being encouraged to abandon car travel, and take part in Walk to School Week from 1-5 October 2012. Walking gives an opportunity to gain independence, to learn road safety skills and to exercise almost painlessly. Of course, some pupils live too far away from their primary or secondary […]

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Budehaven Students Celebrate GCSE Successes

Nationally, GCSE grades have fallen this year for the first time in 24 years. Against this backdrop,  206 Year 11 students at Budehaven today collected their GCSE results.  At the same time, nearly 200 students from the year below collected their first sets of results – most have taken up […]

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