Paddle Out For #Pritch

It’s times like this I wish I had an ace camera, or a drone, or something, but holding my phone in one hand while watching with the other was hard […]

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Donations in Memory of Pritch

He grew from being a successful stockbroker to a successful surfer (in the sense that he loved the sport and did a great deal of good for others through it). […]

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Live Like Pritch

The Surf Veterans group have some stickers made up in memory of Dave ‘Pritch’ Pritchard, so I thought I’d share.  There is a quantity in Zuma Jay, cost £2 each […]

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Donations in Memory of Pritch

Those who knew of Dave John Pritchard knew he was a community man, who was especially keen on the surfing community of Bude, helping with both Bude Waveriders and Bude […]

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David John Pritchard, aka #Pritch

During a week spent in hospital in Birmingham with my late brother, the news from friends who felt I should know (thank you) that Pritch had sadly and suddenly passed […]

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Why Pritch is Protesting …

We welcome contributions to Bude & Beyond from the local community. Today, we have Dave ‘Pritch’ Pritchard back in the fray, talking salaries, council cuts and the surf tax*: It’s […]

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Get on Board the Surf Tax Petition

Excuse the slight pun, though it is no laughing matter. Good to see so much engagement among the public, though all these petitions should be telling politicians and council officers […]

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#Bude Sunsets

Sometimes, it is nice to dispense with too many words and just enjoy some pictures. As I look out at the grey and the wet, these photos from Dave “Pritch” […]

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Those Crazy January Days #Bude 2014

By Dave Pritchard. It only seems fitting as we start a new year to firstly wish all you lovely readers a Happy, Healthy and peaceful 2015, and secondly to put […]

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10 #Bude Christmas Questions – Pritch

Although tonight is late night shopping, which I will enjoy as much as the next person, I’m a bit sick of hearing about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and consumer spend, […]

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Pritch Speaks Out About Vile Graffiti

Having seen this graffiti, it seemed only fair to give our occasional and well-loved columnist, Dave Pritchard (affectionately known to many as ‘Pritch’) a public right of reply. It is […]

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Carpe Diem, Sons and daughters…

Well, this is Pritch’s latest offering, and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye as you read it, well, I’ll be damned!  As he says, seize the day… […]

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From Broking to Bude…

It’s a funny old world! Some of you already know – but many won’t – that I spent years stockbroking in very large corporations in London in what can only […]

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