Dangerous 120 mph driver sentenced

From Devon & Cornwall Police: Devon and Cornwall Police have released video footage of a 120mph pursuit in Cornwall. It follows the sentencing of Thomas Lovett, 38, of Penzance, who was charged with dangerous driving, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine and driving without insurance on February 23, 2020. Officers […]

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Two things I spotted in Cornwall yesterday!

Well, of course, I spotted much more than two things, but these may be of interest to the wider world. Bude, be proud of your sea pool and all the work that local volunteers put into it, for in Penzance you have to pay! However, Bude’s parking charges are ridiculous […]

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Penzance’s Jubilee Pool follows Bude’s lead…

According to this, localism is back on the agenda, alive, well and making good progress. Generally, I’ve mainly heard mention of it recently when it is ignored, so here’s a good story from Penzance. What does Penzance have in common with Bude? It has a sea pool. I remember seeing […]

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