Government Wants Your Images

Get into the festive spirit by celebrating our Real Winter Wonderlands across the country. Throughout December we will be shining a spotlight on some of our natural treasures and inviting people across the country to do the same. Launching our very own interactive Advent Calendar, each day we will highlight […]

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Nature’s Connection

The RSPB has expressed concern over generations of children with little or no contact with the natural world and wildlife, which they see as one of the biggest threats to UK nature. So, in conjunction with the University of Essex, they have developed ways of measuring children’s ‘connection to nature’.

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Getting Kids Into Nature Starts at Home

The National Trust has revealed that parents need more support to make the outdoors a part of everyday family life to avoid rearing a generation completely cut off from the natural world.  The Natural Childhood Inquiry – which sought submissions from experts and the public on the barriers and the […]

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Making Autumn Fun….

Children and their parents are being encouraged by the RSPB to get outdoors this autumn and explore the season’s nature in their neighbourhood, which seems like a mighty fine idea. There’s plenty of places to explore in this area (suggestions welcome….) The conservation charity wants families to ‘Step up for Nature’ […]

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