Mike Moyle Christmas Day Swim Pix

Seemed to be a turnout as massive as the waves. And somehow I lost my two who went in….but see if you can see yourself in any of these photos….a great event, which started with a rainbow and ended with people saying “I can’t feel my toes”. Well done to […]

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Vicko – Bude’s Citizen of the Year

  “this is for the Surf Life Club’s 60th year, not me; it’s for everyone involved”. There are some people you meet in life and you know, whatever happens, you will always remember them. Yesterday, I met one such person, Pete Vickery (Vicko)who is Bude’s Citizen of the Year, though […]

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Top 5 Articles on Bude & Beyond, 2012

Although we’ve only been going since mid August, our audience has been steadily building, so I thought you might like to know which were our most popular items of late, up to and including Dec 31st. Most people just land on the home page and navigate but for those who […]

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Bude’s Mike Moyle Memorial Swim

Every year the Bude Surf Life Saving Club runs its Christmas Day swim at Crooklets, and each year it seems to get bigger and better. Couldn’t park this year and ended up in Victoria Road, which just shows how popular this Bude event now is. It’s a major fund raiser […]

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