Free Relaxation and Meditation Classes

For those who feel they would benefit from introducing effective relaxation and meditation techniques into their lives, a new course will begin this Thursday. We meet on the first floor of the Neetside Centre at 6.00 – 7.00 pm. The course is free of charge, however, if you are able […]

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Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Some Mindfulness Techniques to Practice Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness training adapted from Buddhist mindfulness meditation. It has been adapted for use in treatment of depression, especially preventing relapse and for assisting with mood regulation. It has been described as a state of being in the present, accepting things […]

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Creating Happiness

Many of us live our days in a virtual robotic autopilot state, accepting without question that this is as good as life gets. We go through the motions during every day of the week looking forward to the weekend. When the weekend finally arrives; we still feel vaguely unhappy or […]

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Meditation Events

Many thanks to those who turned out on a cold night yesterday evening. We have one more session of the healing meditations and we then take a break for the Christmas holiday. When we return on January 3rd, 2013 we will be exploring the nature of wellbeing on a different […]

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Free Meditation in Bude

Meditation Room in Bude,┬áis essentially a non-religious but spiritual meditation group who use a holistic view to healing both body, mind, and soul. The group focuses on therapeutic and spiritual meditation and have both beginners and experienced meditators regularly practicing together.   The Bude Tutor, Barry Bendell, (known locally as […]

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