Freshers – don’t self-prescribe! You’re not doctors yet!

From the Government: As another academic year begins, freshers and university students are being warned of the possible dangers to their health from self-prescribing and self-medicating with powerful prescription medicines. The purchasing of prescription-only medicines such as anti-anxiety medicines and benzodiazepines outside the regulated supply chain remains prevalent despite repeated […]

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Stoptober ahead as number of smokers in Cornwall falls

From Cornwall Council’s website:   Fewer people in Cornwall are smoking with new data published by the University College of London (UCL) showing a drop of almost 7% in smoking prevalence. Ten years ago 21% of people in Cornwall smoked, but this has now fallen to 15.7%. In the last year […]

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Scott Mann supports Parkinson’s UK campaign to revolutionise Parkinson’s research

 Scott Mann has pledged his support to the charity Parkinson’s UK’s We Won’t Wait campaign, calling for urgent action to unlock the promise of research developments that could pave the way to better treatments and stop Parkinson’s drugs ‘falling behind’. Scott Mann MP said: “While great strides have been made over […]

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Is the NHS restricting essential diabetes equipment in the south west?

Leading charity Diabetes UK found that 22 per cent of people with diabetes in the south west said they weren’t prescribed enough test strips, a vital piece of kit to monitor blood glucose.   A more recent survey by the charity supports these findings. Its new report, ‘Testing Times’, found […]

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Children’s lives put at risk at school…diabetes, asthma, epilepsy

  I do feel for schools, actually. The continuous stream of legislation requiring constant policy creation updating is an onerous task for staff (in often underfunded schools) and governors. However, children’s safety is vital within school settings. Therefore, this report from Diabetes UK is alarming. It seems that thousands of […]

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Proposed health and wellbeing centre for Camelford

A proposed health and wellbeing centre in Camelford could become a pilot for Cornwall Council investing in health practices in the future.   Cornwall Council’s Cabinet has given the thumbs up for a study that will investigate whether the Council should invest in premises that could then be rented to […]

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Free diabetes foot care event, Launceston

Do you have diabetes? Lots of people do. In the UK, there are more than 4.5 million people who have diabetes of which over 1 million people have Type 2 diabetes but don’t know they have it because they haven’t been diagnosed. 11.9 million people are at increased risk of […]

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Gut bacteria play a role in long-term weight gain

Sharomka/ Ana Valdes, University of Nottingham Weight gain happens when we consume more food than we can burn, and weight loss happens when we burn more energy than we consume. But why do some people seem to eat whatever they want and not gain weight, and others appear to gain […]

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New ways to treat depression in teenagers

Monkey Business Images/ Ian Michael Goodyer, University of Cambridge Around one in 20 teenagers suffers from depression. Episodes can last for several months. Unfortunately, about 50% of teenagers who have a depressive episode are at risk of falling ill again, increasing the likelihood of relationship difficulties, educational failure and poor […]

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Unhealthy pester power…

British parents give in to pester power for unhealthy snacks, a staggering 21 times a week on average – that’s 1,092 times each year, according to new research. Researchers took a detailed look at modern parent’s attitudes towards snacking and found British kid’s addiction to high salt and sugary foods […]

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Smoking figures down …

The good news is that smoking figures are dropping, according to those lovely people at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and younger people have demonstrated the largest decrease. In 2015, of all adults in the UK 17.2% smoked, down from 20.1% of adults who smoked in 2010. Of the […]

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How diets high in sugar and saturated fat could be harming your brain

Forgotten something? Shutterstock Katie Boyd, University of Sussex A lot of research has been conducted to establish the risks that a high energy diet – high in saturated fat and sugar – poses to our health. The most common known results of such diets include obesity, heart disease and diabetes, […]

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We exaggerate our claims to a healthy lifestyle…

Have you ever lied about your healthy lifestyle? Or just exaggerated a tad? Well, you’re not alone. A new study (by KP Nuts) into the nation’s attitudes towards their well being has revealed we tell on average 20 little lies a week regarding our lifestyles – that’s 1,020 every year. […]

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Will you feel better after surgery?

Will you feel better after surgery? Now you can find out using this online tool Andrew Street, University of York and Nils Gutacker, University of York The financial crisis facing the NHS is starting to bite. Demand for NHS care is rising but funding per person is falling. This means […]

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Shaping Our Future Questionnaire – Cornwall

Yesterday, I received this email: I am trying to fill in the Health Survey  “Shaping our Future” For the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly KCCG of the NHS. It is impossible!  The survey cannot possibly, as far as I can see, be collated by a computer. There are 8 questions […]

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