Bude Graffiti – Why?

We’ve reported on this before. It’s very sad that while so many are trying to #BigUpBude, some feel this is acceptable.  There’s no merit to it; to be honest, it isn’t Banksy, is it?  I know some will say we shouldn’t give publicity to people who vandalise, but I don’t […]

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#Bude Graffiti Culprit Interviewed By Police

After a series of graffiti appeared in Bude, targeting a particular individual within our community, Bude Police are delighted to report that they have identified the suspect. This was the graffiti that appeared at the Sea Pool, the RNLI station, the Harbourmaster’s office and Summerleaze Beach car park. The Neighbourhood […]

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Cost to #Bude of Targeted Graffiti

More vile graffiti, targeted at an individual living in Bude, who also does a lot of good work for charity and the community, has appeared this week on the harbourmaster’s office building, according to Bude Police. The graffiti this time is thick felt pen, but spray paint has also previously […]

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#Bude Police Request Help Over Graffiti

Bude Police are politely asking for help from members of the public to trace the certain individual/individuals who have been causing damage to property in and around Bude, by writing on various signs with a black marker pen and spraying walls with black paint.  Police are specifically interested in the […]

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Pritch Speaks Out About Vile Graffiti

Having seen this graffiti, it seemed only fair to give our occasional and well-loved columnist, Dave Pritchard (affectionately known to many as ‘Pritch’) a public right of reply. It is incredibly sad -not to mention illegal –  that someone in Bude is scribing this kind of stuff. Over to Pritch: […]

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