Revitalise Fitness Retreat Offer, Bude

I am always happy to give new – and existing –  businesses in drawing themselves to the attention of locals and visitors so take a look at this offer….one whereby you can get a taste of feeling awesome. Really, I need to do this, though I question whether I will […]

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Budehaven – Free Fat Loss and Fitness Charity Seminar

  Separating the fact from the fiction when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss is one of the most common discussions in schools, cafes and sports clubs – even in pubs and social circles around North Cornwall and West Devon. Is pasta good for you? How much water […]

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January Jelly Belly

It’s largely accepted that January is a rough time of year. You’ve spent the last month getting involved with some serious mince pie abuse, the house is still full to the brim with shortbread and Quality Street and you’re comfort eating through the trauma of the latest Mastercard statement that […]

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Stratton Primary Kick Starts Walk to School Week

Children across Cornwall are being encouraged to abandon car travel, and take part in Walk to School Week from 1-5 October 2012. Walking gives an opportunity to gain independence, to learn road safety skills and to exercise almost painlessly. Of course, some pupils live too far away from their primary or secondary […]

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