European funding to help Cornish rivers

The Westcountry Rivers Trust has launched a £2.2 million project to restore freshwater fish habitats in two iconic Cornish rivers – the Camel and the Fowey. Working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Natural England and South West Water, the Westcountry Rivers Trust has secured £1.6 million of European funding to enhance […]

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The Rights of EU Nationals in UK

There has been no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU, as a result of the referendum. The government has issued the following information to clarify the situation. The decision about when to trigger Article 50 and start the […]

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Fish Don’t Respect National Boundaries, Says MCS

The European Referendum is creating lots of questions, yet there seems to be a remarkable lack of consistency when it comes to answers. I’m a politics graduate and even that is no salvation from confusion! Here is what the Marine Conservation Society has to say about it, regarding fishing. Leaving […]

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EU – Will the Over 50s Vote for Brexit?

In the latest Barometer survey, survey respondents revealed that they have lost faith in the EU. In Harold Wilson’s 1975 Referendum on whether to stay in the EEC (or Common Market) over 67% of voters supported the Labour government’s campaign to stay in the EEC. I was one of […]

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Smallholders Urged to Be Aware of EU Rule Changes

In our area, there are lots of smallholders around, so this news may be of interest to them as it relates to rule changes from the EU. I don’t much understand how it works, so here’s the Government’s press release pretty much as it stands, for those who do. The […]

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Bude Leads the Way in Clean Sea Project

Thinking  this deserves a re-run because you might have missed it first time and it is important!           If you are a: Business owner Farmer Surfer Swimmer Tourist/visitor or ever use the beach/sea/sea pool (you, your children, your pet dog) in Bude or the surrounding areas, […]

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