County lines drugs gang sentenced

It’s really pretty grim how many drugs gangs are operating, bringing drugs from other parts of the country to the SW. It must feel like the Police Force spends much […]

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#Okehampton Men Arrested on Drugs Warrant

Police in Okehampton have arrested two men following the execution of a drugs warrant. Officers executed a warrant obtained under the Misuse of Drugs Act at a property in Fore […]

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Fugitive Drug Trafficker Supplying SW Arrested in Tenerife

A fugitive drug trafficker who headed a crime group that supplied huge amounts of heroin to the South West of England has been arrested in Tenerife. Stephen Blundell, aged 36, […]

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15 Sentenced Following Large SW Drugs Operation

  Operation Rosco was a long term covert investigation into the supply of cocaine and amphetamine into Devon and Cornwall, report the police. Fifteen defendants in total have been sentenced […]

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Cross Dependency

Perhaps you know someone who’s recovering from a destructive relationship with alcohol or other drugs. If so, you probably know that it’s extremely dangerous for that person to take even […]

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The Fatal Four: Drugs, Alcohol, Mobile Phones and No Seat Belt

“Be sensible and be prepared this winter – don’t be a statistic”. That is the stark message for motorists from police as winter approaches.

In Devon and Cornwall, over the last five years, the number of fatal collisions has steadily declined but so far this year there has been a reversal with a small increase. At this time of year, roads demand increased attention from motorists. This winter could see the number of fatalities increase further. It is vital motorists are reminded of the dangers to try and stem the increase.

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