Alleged Stabbing in Bude

There was an alleged stabbing in Bude on Saturday night, and police were reportedly still investigating the building where the incident took place (at Downs View) on Sunday evening. As always there is a lot of hearsay and rumour. For now, the information is that the injured man was taken […]

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Shocking Link Between Brain Injury and Youth Crime

A new report by University of Exeter academic identifies the connection between brain injury and crime in young people. Psychology Professor Huw Williams has authored a major new report, published today, on the impact that acquired brain injuries can have on young people in childhood and in their transition to adulthood, and outlines the criminal justice consequences if these injuries go untreated.

Repairing Shattered Lives: Brain injury and its implications for criminal justice, examines the connection between the “silent epidemic” of brain injury among young people and crime.
In the report, Professor Huw Williams notes that a shocking 60% of young people in custody report having experienced some kind of brain injury (TBI). Acquired brain injuries can lead maturing brains to “misfire,” interrupting the development of temperance (ability to restrain and moderate actions), social judgement and the ability to control impulses. If undetected these injuries, which may be the result of falls, sporting injuries, car accidents or fights, can leave young people untreated and increase their risk of offending.

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Criminals to Pay Towards Supporting Victims

From Monday, new rules will force more criminals to pay towards supporting victims of crime, Minister for Victims Helen Grant has announced. In a massive overhaul of the way services for victims and witnesses of crime are funded, the ‘Victim Surcharge’ will be increased and extended. Currently offenders only contribute around […]

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Man Attacked With Knife in Tintagel

Police are investigating an assault involving a knife that took place in Tintagel on Sunday 9 September 2012. Sometime between 1.30pm and 1.50pm, a man in his early thirties who was in an alley way, alongside the Indian Ocean restaurant, was approached by a man in his thirties who was […]

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