Better Relationships

There are a number of elements that go to make up the thing we call ‘love’, but some are more long-term than others. For instance, sexual passion may become less potent as the years pass. Other aspects are perhaps more enduring and may become stronger over the years. For instance, […]

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What is a Normal Relationship?

In many respects, not least, subconsciously, we learn the rules of love from our parents. Their relationship is acted out right in front of us, day in, day out. So if your parents, or your primary couple carers, communicated well, then you will expect to talk to your partner. If […]

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Counselling That Won’t Break the Bank….

There are times in all our lives when some counselling can be useful, but for many people, access to free services is only via a GP, and private services are extremely expensive for the average purse. So, it is great news to hear that Barry Bendell, known already in Bude […]

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