Cold Snap Weather Begins

Cold weather forecast by the Met Office has arrived and prompted Public Health England to repeat warnings to people to take extra care. Meteorologists at the Met Office have issued a Level 3 alert which indicates that there is a very high likelihood of severe cold weather, icy conditions and […]

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Keep Safe in the Cold

As the weather gets colder over the weekend, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service reminds you to stay safe as well as warm in your home. There is nothing like a cosy open fire or the added warmth of an electric blanket, but these and other winter must-haves can […]

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Laptops and Cold Weather

As the temperatures outside plummet, it helps to be armed with a little advice on how to care for our mobile computer friends with Jack Frost nipping at all our heels! Laptops are designed to be run within an ambient temperature range which is usually between about 10 and 30 Degrees Centigrade. So when […]

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Consumers Urged to Buy Heating Oil Early

The Government is backing a campaign by industry and consumer groups urging householders to stock up on heating oil now. Buying oil as soon as possible before the onset of severe weather can mean a cost saving when demand is low and also means householders are guaranteed fuel during the […]

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