Could councils improve tax collection?

Citizens Advice and the Local Government Association (LGA) are encouraging councils in England to adopt a new protocol to improve council tax collection. The protocol is launched as Citizens Advice reports that growing numbers of people are turning to them for help with council tax issues. Figures from the national […]

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New Home for Bude Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice, Cornwall, is moving offices in Bude. The popular service is closing its offices in Neetside and relocating to The Kevren at Budehaven Community School in Valley Road.   Citizens Advice area co-ordinator for North Cornwall, Becky Moore, said: “We are moving to new offices that have been provided […]

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Citizens Advice calls for automatic broadband compensation

Citizens Advice has today responded to proposals from telecoms regulator Ofcom that landline and broadband customers who suffer slow repairs or missed deadlines should receive automatic compensation from their provider. Analysis of 1,000 broadband problems reported to Citizens Advice has revealed many people have to repeatedly negotiate with providers to […]

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Cash boost for Citizens Advice nationwide…

As I hear that Bude Citizens Advice is to finally close its doors at Neetside (though some service is to be provided at The Haven) I read that Citizens Advice services across England and Wales are today celebrating sharing £625,000 from the Martin Lewis Fund to help make a real difference […]

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PPI claim deadline set…

The Financial Conduct Authority has set a final deadline for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-selling claims. People affected will have to make their claims by 29 August 2019. Citizens Advice, which launched a super-complaint into PPI mis-selling back in 2005, said it supports a deadline. The charity helped people with […]

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More seeking debt help

What with NHS cuts, and education cuts, it’s been a depressing morning to start our meteorological spring. Now the Citizens Advice is also issuing a warning. As the Bank of England’s latest money and credit statistics show an increase in consumer borrowing, Citizens Advice says right now more people are seeking […]

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Multiple jobs can affect your pension

Many people I know in the SW, particularly at the lower end of the income scale, have multiple part-time jobs. So, this is a real problem for this area, as highlighted by Citizens Advice:   Almost 106,000 working people are not being auto-enrolled into a pension because their earnings come […]

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Guarantor loan problems – shocking rise says CAB

The number of guarantor loan problems Citizens Advice has helped people with has risen by 40% over the last year, latest figures show. When taking out a guarantor loan the borrower gives the name of a guarantor, normally a friend or family member, who is then pursued for payment if […]

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British Gas price freeze good for consumers

Responding to news that British Gas will freeze its prices until August 2017, Citizens Advice has said this shows that energy firms can choose to keep their customers’ bills down. Scottish Power has also announced that from 31 March it will raise its prices by 7.8% on average for a […]

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Household bills mean rising consumer debts…

Responding to the Bank of England’s latest money and credit statistics Citizens Advice says rising consumer borrowing could lead to serious debt problems further down the line – but that it is household bills putting the pressure on people’s finances now. According to the Bank’s December 2016 figures, unsecured consumer […]

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Private Rental Insecurity for Families

Two in 5 (39%) people living with their children in privately rented homes have a tenancy of 6 months or less, new figures from Citizens Advice reveal. I’m not sure what the figures are in and around bude, but there is a big private rental sector here. Analysis by the […]

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People Are Struggling Says Citizens Advice

I’ve worked for Citizens Advice in the north and in Bude/Holsworthy and trust their systems and views far more than those of any politicians. Records are meticulously kept and they are at the sharp end of the day to day problems encountered by people. It’s a sad state of affairs that […]

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Time to Reconsider ESA Cuts?

I’ve been reading a lot about ESA recently, and some of the stories have been dreadful, such as this one. Citizens Advice says the government should consider pausing its planned cut to the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) until improved job support is in […]

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Energy Firms Charging Unfair Standard Tariffs?

Citizens Advice has today said that energy suppliers are charging much higher prices for the standard tariff is fundamentally unfair. This follows the Secretary of State for Business and Energy Greg Clark saying that he will look at evidence that it has been claimed shows gas and electricity firms make […]

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Mobile Not Spots? Get Out of Jail Free…

Mobile phone users who persistently get a bad signal should be allowed to leave their contract early without having to pay a penalty fee says Citizens Advice. Responding to a report from MPs which reveals that 17 million people have poor mobile phone receptions in our own homes (and yes, I am […]

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