Why White Cars Cost More

White cars used to be a standard price but figures from cap hpi reveal that eight out of the top 10 new car models ordered in 2015 added on an extra premium of at least £250. However, one in five new cars sold in 2015 was white, making it the […]

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New Smoking in Cars Legislation

National news but one which will impact upon some people locally, hopefully in a good way, as it means children will no longer be legally subjected to passive smoking in cars from October 1st. Parliament has approved regulations which will make smoking in cars carrying children illegal. The new rules […]

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Our Car Habits

During their lifetime the average British motorist will jump 87 red lights, drive 269,296 miles, swear 323 times at other motorists and hoot a total of 62 cyclists. Not me of course, who does none of that kind of thing! They will fill-up with petrol 2,214 times and get stuck […]

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No Seatbelt = No Lift!

“No belt = no lift”!  that’s the direct message to local drivers from Devon and Cornwall Police traffic officers. The warning has been issued to highlight the dangers of drivers carrying an excess number of passengers in their vehicles. Officers are concerned at a worrying trend of drivers giving lifts to […]

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