Hidden Depths celebrates the murky past of Bude Canal

Who’d have thought Bude Canal could be so much fun?  If you’ve got a spare evening tonight or tomorrow, why not pop down to Budehaven where you will be guaranteed a good time watching a play on this very subject? To mark the 200th anniversary of Bude Canal, Richard Wolfenden […]

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It’s a Wonderful Life @ Budehaven

The poster has lost a little in the converting but these performances are always amazing occasions, as anyone who saw ‘Pool of Dreams’ will know. Held at Budehaven School, from 27th – 29th March, with a matinee at 12.30pm on Friday 28th March,  it tells the evocative and uplifting story of […]

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Pool of Dreams at Budehaven

The Pool of Dreams by Bude Youth Theatre performed at Budehaven School, March 14th to 16th 2013 – review by Rowena Hoseason   The performance starts with an ominous possible future; one when the cash has run out and the historic tidal swimming pool at Bude has been concreted over. An […]

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The Pool of Dreams at Budehaven

Coming soon to Budehaven, your local community school, a sparkling performance of The Pool of Dreams….  

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