Bude Police warn of dangerous tablets…

This comes from Bude Police’s Facebook page, which says: The Police in Bude have a duty to safeguard individuals and in particular at present the young people of our town. There are concerns raised by ourselves regarding a recent batch of tablets that have circulated within the Bude area. They […]

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Bude Graffiti – Why?

We’ve reported on this before. It’s very sad that while so many are trying to #BigUpBude, some feel this is acceptable.  There’s no merit to it; to be honest, it isn’t Banksy, is it?  I know some will say we shouldn’t give publicity to people who vandalise, but I don’t […]

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Charity shop thefts in Bude

It’s really pretty sad and appalling when charity shops get robbed, but that is what has happened in Bude in January. Bude Police, on their Facebook page, mention: Within the last month we have received a peak in our crime figures for burglaries to charity shops. We would like to […]

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Bude Road Closures for Remembrance Day Parade

A member of the public alerted me to a question about the Remembrance Day Parade in Bude this year as the rumour was out that police did not have the resources to close the roads for the Parade. I contacted Bude Police. Here is the reply:   Currently, we have […]

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Update on Vandalism at #Bude Sea Pool

Speaking to Bude Police recently, there’s good news, for it seems that they are hot on the tails of the vandals who recently wreaked havoc at Bude Sea Pool. The Police investigation continues, although there is still an appeal for witnesses to come forward. Forensic evidence has been located at […]

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#Bude Graffiti Culprit Interviewed By Police

After a series of graffiti appeared in Bude, targeting a particular individual within our community, Bude Police are delighted to report that they have identified the suspect. This was the graffiti that appeared at the Sea Pool, the RNLI station, the Harbourmaster’s office and Summerleaze Beach car park. The Neighbourhood […]

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Cost to #Bude of Targeted Graffiti

More vile graffiti, targeted at an individual living in Bude, who also does a lot of good work for charity and the community, has appeared this week on the harbourmaster’s office building, according to Bude Police. The graffiti this time is thick felt pen, but spray paint has also previously […]

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#Bude Police Seek Witnesses to New Year Assault

At approximately 5am on 1st January, 2015, an incident occurred outside The Lucky Kiss Sports Bar on Belle Vue, in Bude. This resulted in a female and male being assaulted. Police are seeking the assistance of anyone who witnessed the assault or any related incidents within the Sports Bar earlier […]

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#Bude Police Request Help Over Graffiti

Bude Police are politely asking for help from members of the public to trace the certain individual/individuals who have been causing damage to property in and around Bude, by writing on various signs with a black marker pen and spraying walls with black paint.  Police are specifically interested in the […]

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Bude Shoplifter Jailed

Adapted from the Bude Police Facebook page: Prolific shoplifter, David Moores,  luck finally run out, as he was sentenced to a sixteen week custodial sentence at Bodmin Magistrates Court. The post writes:   “This male has a string of convictions for theft and much of this has occurred in Bude […]

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Dan Says People Must Be Able to Contact Police

Local Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson has said that the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner must do more to make sure that people in North Cornwall can contact the police.   Speaking after police enquiry desks closed at Bude and Launceston police stations on Friday (31st October), North Cornwall’s MP […]

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Log Theft From Elderly Person, Flexbury

From Bude Police FB page:   I have received a complaint of theft of logs from an elderly lady in the Flexbury area which has occurred over a three day period. I think its deplorable that somebody would steal winter fuel from an elderly person. Not only does it have […]

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Supporting Combat Veterans – Surf Action

Was down at Bude Police Station yesterday, but never fear, I wasn’t in trouble……..I hope!!  I was there to see PCSO, Stu Baxter, present a cheque for Surf Action to Rob Walters and Steve Binns. Stu and Steve have some history as both served together in 3 Para during the […]

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Anti Social Behaviour in Bude

There have been alarming recent reports of anti social behaviour by young people in Bude, and as I read the police report, it reminded me of some of the issues in the large northern industrial towns like Bolton, where I used to live. We are deluding ourselves if we think […]

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Bude Charity Box Thefts

Bude police have reported on their Facebook page: In recent weeks we have had reported to us the theft of several different charity boxes. These have been stolen whilst they are left insecure on shop counters and hotel reception areas. The most recent theft was that of the Bude Sea […]

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