Brexit minister visits Cornwall

Scott Mann welcomed Brexit Minister Steve Baker to North Cornwall this week as part of a tour around the county to meet with businesses and educational institutions to discuss Britain’s exit from the European Union and how it can be “made a success of” in the Duchy. I’m not going to […]

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Scott Mann welcomes fishing pledge

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, has welcomed the Government’s announcement that it will today start the ball rolling to taking back control of Britain’s fishing waters as promised by the Conservative Party at the recent General Election. In what will be seen as a historic move, the Government will […]

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Are jobs at risk due to Brexit uncertainty?

This is rather alarming but it is also a very small sample of only 500. However, it is interesting for this area because Cornwall/Devon have high numbers of micro-businesses, with many people scraping a living (or more) through self-employment. As someone down only this morning said: it’s a beautiful area […]

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Scott Mann Talks Fishing Brexit

Well, Brexit and fishing quotas are both controversial subjects, so it is useful to know that fishing is not forgotten and is still being discussed in the wake of all the Brexit politicking. So, this week, MP Scott Mann joined Conservative colleagues and former fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, to hear […]

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A Vote to Exit is Not the Same as Exiting the EU

As you know, North Cornwall’s MP, Scott Mann, is keen to leave the European Union, but a number of people have expressed concerns about EU funding for cash-strapped Cornwall if that happens. However, EU funding programmes and farm subsidies in Cornwall will continue to be available if the UK voted […]

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EU – Will the Over 50s Vote for Brexit?

In the latest Barometer survey, survey respondents revealed that they have lost faith in the EU. In Harold Wilson’s 1975 Referendum on whether to stay in the EEC (or Common Market) over 67% of voters supported the Labour government’s campaign to stay in the EEC. I was one of […]

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