2012 Was the Year of the Slug!

Well, I’m glad something enjoyed 2012’s wet weather, the second wettest year on record!! The National Trust has reported unsettled, unpredictable and at times chaotic weather has meant that this […]

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New Magpie App to Help Research

A new app which encourages people to say “good morning Mr Magpie” via their mobile phone will help scientists evaluate the benefits which birds bring to the quality of human […]

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Udopt an Animal for Christmas

I rather like this idea because it isn’t about ‘stuff’ for Christmas…. Whether your little monkeys are mad about meerkats, potty about penguins, dotty about dolphins or in love with […]

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We’re 44 Million Birds Down Since 1966

Despite the huge numbers of starlings around here at the moment, it seems that, since 1966, we’ve lost breeding birds from our countryside at an average rate of a nesting […]

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It’s Not Only Humans Who Tweet!

Twitter, it seems, is not just for people….birds are at it, too, with social interaction and networking vitally improving their life chances!  New research carried out by scientists based in […]

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Getting from J to B

According to the RSPB, jays appear to be on the move this week. The most colourful members of the crow family have been more visible around the UK and jays […]

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Making Autumn Fun….

Children and their parents are being encouraged by the RSPB to get outdoors this autumn and explore the season’s nature in their neighbourhood, which seems like a mighty fine idea. There’s […]

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