Are you getting enough B1 to fend off Alzheimer’s?

Are you getting enough vitamin B1 to help fend off Alzheimer’s? Richard Hoffman, University of Hertfordshire A feeling of apathy or being a little forgetful from time to time is nothing unusual. But for some, this could be an early sign of not getting enough thiamine (also known as vitamin […]

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Dementia Diagnosis Overhaul

Anyone who knows me will realise that I have two parents with dementia, so it is a subject that is especially pertinent to me. Please thus excuse my self-indulgence in including this piece of information from the Government. However, I also realise that dementia is a widespread problem affecting the […]

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Suffering No Delusions About Dementia

Can you imagine having to change your mother’s urine-sodden underwear that she is convinced is wet because she has just washed it? Or rinsing out her slipper where the urine caught it after dripping down her trouser leg? Perhaps listening to your octogenarian parents talking in no uncertain terms – […]

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Xmas 2 Remember Campaign

Carey Mulligan will share Christmas memories of her grandmother at Downing Street today launching a new campaign to help relatives spot and support loved ones with dementia over the festive season. Carey, star of upcoming blockbuster The Great Gatsby, will join Dominic Batty who has dementia, and his wife Jill, […]

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Could You Be a Dementia Friend?

Bude is not immune to dementia, and even has its own residential home specialising in dementia care, at St Hilary’s. But many people struggle with the spectre of dementia in their own homes, with little help or support from the wider community. So, it is interesting to hear of a […]

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Reducing the Dementia Risk

Older people who engage in regular physical activity reduce their risk of vascular-related dementia by 40 percent and cognitive impairment by 60 percent according to a new study in the journal Stroke. Regular physical activity had this beneficial effect in people regardless of age, education, changes in the brain’s white […]

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Dignity in Death Please for People With Dementia

I make no apologies for this piece about people with dementia. It has certainly had a personal impact on my life through my two parents, both sufferers of this cruel and dreadful disease. Some interesting research comes from the Alzheimer’s Society today which further adds to our concerns, for many […]

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Exercise in Old Age Protects Against Brain Shrinkage

Time to give up on the crosswords and start walking, swimming and playing sports. Exercising regularly in old age may better protect against brain shrinkage than engaging in mental or social activities, according to a new study published in the journal, Neurology. Researchers looked at medical records of 638 people […]

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Tesco Enables Weekend Alzheimer’s Helpline

Half million funding from Tesco supports helpline opening at weekends. Alzheimer’s Society’s National Dementia Helpline will be answering calls at weekends and moving to a new low-cost telephone number of 0300 222 1122. £500,000 funding from Tesco with additional support from the February Foundation has enabled dementia advisers to offer […]

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Celebs Back New Dementia Campaign

Sir Michael Parkinson, Fiona Phillips and Gordon Banks are to support national “A Day to Remember” campaign, calling for the public not to delay talking about dementia. This is a new campaign which aims to increase early diagnosis rates for dementia across England. The A Day to Remember campaign is part of the […]

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Genes Link Dementia and Cataracts

A possible DNA link between age related cataracts and Alzheimer’s disease has been identified by research published in the journal PLoS One. The study, conducted by scientists from Boston University’s School of Medicine and School of Public Health looked at MRI scans of those with cataracts 10 years on from […]

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St Hilary’s – Dementia Care With a Difference

  PLEASE NOTE THAT ST HILARY’S CARE HOME HAS NOW CLOSED Dementia is a subject people rarely think about until it personally impacts upon them. So it was with me. It is only now that my parents have well advanced memory and communication problems that I am seeking and finding […]

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