Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat – Littermouth’s new album

Listening to the intro to the video, and indeed the subject matter, I was put in mind of Muse, but then it, of course, went on to develop its own particular style. Performing and recording original self-penned material, local band, Littermouth delivers a blend of what they call “cerebraart rock with added groove”. Thought-provoking lyrics are intertwined with off-the-wall lead lines, dirty bass and driving drums. The new single and video from the south west England-based band ‘Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat’ is released on August 17th.


Lead vocalist, Jon Price says: Swindler, Liar. Shagger, Cheat is about the immoral and shocking lengths to which the tabloid press go in order to sell more papers. From The Sun’s ‘1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for Jihadis’ front page headline to the hacking of Milly Dowler’s voice mail by The News of the World… but the real message of the song is that it’s us the great British public that buys these papers and buys more of them the more scandalous and sensationalist the headlines are.”

He is, of course, right, though fortunately, popular newspaper sales have – phew-  shown a greater fall than the qualities. I must admit to detesting the likes of the Daily Mail, and seeing the Sun emblazoned across the awnings of newsagents fills me with great ire, not simply because of Hillsborough but also years of sexism. So, they are the kind of lyrics I enjoy!

Jon adds: “Elements of fear, anger and injustice weave their way through my lyrics. I don’t really go for writing happy love songs.”

Littermouth are: Jon Price – lead vocal; Julie Meikle – backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards; Andy Lloyd – drums & percussionAndy Young – bass; and Steve Shelton – guitars, synth guitar, backing vocals.

Formed in 2012,  Littermouth has released a number of songs and music videos and already receive regular daily airplay on radio stations all over the world. These include X Radio, 365 Radio Network, BBC introducing and more. A band with its roots in the south-west, its members are based in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

The single, along with other tracks on the band’s self-titled album, were recorded and produced by the band themselves and mastered by three times Grammy Award nominated Andy Jackson. Andy was the head sound engineer for the last two Pink Floyd albums and was responsible for the digital re-mastering of Floyd’s legendary album Dark Side of the Moon.

The single and album are available for purchase via the band’s website.

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